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How to reduce particulate pollution in the process of infusion?

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Intravenous infusion is currently a common clinical treatment in China, but the particles produced in the process of infusion can also cause serious harm to human body, such as vascular embolism, granuloma, allergic reaction, cancerous reaction, heat source reaction, phlebitis, thrombocytopenia, etc. These pollution come from the production process, air environment, liquid preparation operation and so on. In recent years, people pay more and more attention to the safety of infusion. How to reduce the particle pollution in the process of infusion has gradually become one of the focuses of transfusion safety.

Clean the air and establish intravenous infusion dispensing center if possible. In primary hospitals without intravenous infusion dispensing center, the treatment room must be disinfected before deployment to reduce unnecessary walking. Circulating air ultraviolet air disinfector and electrostatic adsorption air disinfector should be used.

disposable infusion set

1. Fully prepare the medicine. Before using the liquid of disposable infusion set, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bottle label has expired, whether the bottle cap is loose, whether there are cracks in the bottle body, bottle bottom and bottle label, and whether the liquid medicine is precipitated or discolored.

2. Disinfect and wipe the ampule after cutting and sawing. The amount of particles in ampoule can be reduced by immersing the grinding wheel in 75% alcohol glassware for standby, and then disinfecting the cutting saw and neck of ampoule with 75% alcohol after sawing. For glass ampoules, the length of saw mark should be less than 1 / 4 weeks, and the neck of ampoule should be disinfected before opening, and then it should be disinfected again after sawing, and the glass particles could be reduced.

3. Reduce the operation steps. In the process of dispensing, the disposable infusion set needs to repeatedly puncture the rubber plug or plastic plug of the infusion bottle, which is easy to cause the debris to fall off, which not only easily causes the needle to block, but also increases the chance of debris entering the infusion bottle and causing infusion particle pollution.

4. Change the needle angle. It is suggested that the needle inclined plane with 45 ° angle can produce less rubber particles than the straight needle, and the needle with small size can produce less rubber particles than the needle with large needle size.

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